PDFlib 9.0.3 available

Some highlights of the new features in PDFlib 9:


create PDF/A-2 and PDF/A-3 for archiving

create Tagged PDF and PDF/UA for accessibility

many Tagged PDF enhancements, e.g. automatic table and artifact tagging

create PDF/VT for variable and transactional printing

import Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)

font handling and text output improvements

PDFlib+PDI: import tags and layer definitions

PPS: new Block type for vector graphics

PPS: create PDFlib Blocks programmatically or import existing Blocks

PDF Object Creation API (POCA) for creating Document Part Metadata (DPM) for PDF/VT, PDFlib Blocks, and Rich Media

create multimedia annotations with Flash, Sound, Movie, 3D

many other enhancements in existing features

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iOS, Android and Embedded Linux


The PDFlib products PDFlib, PDFlib+PDI, PDFlib Personalization Server and TET are available for generating and processing PDF documents on mobile and embedded systems. Based on many years of software porting experience PDFlib products offer the following advantages for deployment on mobile and embedded platforms:


proven functionality for PDF-related programming tasks

small code footprint: as a result of optimizing the code for many application scenarios the code footprint is small enough even for tiny devices

configurable: some parts of the product's functionality can be disabled to reduce memory requirements

performance: even on low-end CPUs PDF documents can be processed fast enough


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Pre-Announcement PLOP DS 5

The next version of our PDF signature product PLOP DS 5 will support the latest digital signature standards. Read more!

German ZUGFeRD Format for Invoices

PDFlib 9 supports the PDF/A-1/2/3 standards and can be used to implement the ZUGFeRD format. 

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PDFlib Cookbook


The PDFlib Cookbook is a collection of PDFlib coding fragments for solving specific problems. The Cookbook topics help you develop solutions based on the PDFlib product family. You can browse Java code, PHP code and PDF output for all Cookbook topics, or download a package with all code samples along with auxiliary input data.